The Best Indoor Wedding Ceremony Venues In Sydney You Can Hire Right Now

Will It Rain On My Wedding Day?

Wouldn’t you like to know the answer to this question?

Wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic if you could have the answer months in advance so that you could make the necessary preparations instead of worrying about it in the weeks and days leading up to your wedding day?

You’re in good company because just about every couple who has dreamt of an outdoor wedding ceremony has undergone the exact same stress. Unfortunately, no weather forecast is ever going to be 100% accurate and in this blog post, we are going to show you 6 indoor wedding ceremony venues that you can transform into your dream wedding venue.

It’s nearly impossible to pick which months are the going to be rain-free.

Sydney enjoys a sunny climate and mild winters and warm summers. Between the summer months of December – February, Sydney experiences the warmest weather with high humidity.

Most people automatically assume that the summer months are the driest and thus, safest for a clear sunny blue sky wedding. But if you look at the table above, you will see that this is in fact not the case.

As you will see, the average number of average rainy days are pretty much across the board with the exception of July, August and September. You will also see that the warmest days are typically found in January and February (these months are also the most humid). But averages are just that, averages.

You don’t have to be like other couples. You don’t have to check the weather app every day leading up to your wedding day. You don’t have to stress about the weather at all!


Because Sydney has a number of indoor spaces that are ideal for your dream wedding ceremony. And you can hire them for your wedding day right now!

The Best Indoor Wedding Ceremony Venues In Sydney

Finding a suitable space for your indoor wedding ceremony is hard. Local councils each have their own regulations on capacity, noise, and traffic flow implications that prevent you from using any old space for a wedding ceremony. And even when you come across an event space that ticks all the visual check-boxes, they may not allow you to re-arrange existing furnishings (tables and chairs) thus rendering the option void.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of wedding venues: (i) purpose-built wedding spaces; and (ii) general spaces that may be re-purposed for events such as a wedding ceremony.

General spaces can be restaurants and function centres – they’re existing spaces that may allow you hire the space for a certain period of time. They tend to have more restrictions due to the fact that they tend to operate business-as-usual if you do not hire the space exclusively (which means big dollars).

For example, Peter Gilmore’s Bennelong Restaurant at the iconic Sydney Opera House is available for event hire and in theory, you could host the most incredible of indoor wedding ceremonies. However, expect a hefty minimum spend, limited availability and a host of other restrictions.

So with that said, what are the best indoor wedding ceremony venues you can book for your wedding?

Here are the best wet weather wedding venues in Sydney:

1. Beta Bar

A true hidden secret in the heart of Sydney CBD is this chic indoor wedding ceremony venue. Exposed brick gives it an industrial vibe and with the right mood lighting, you can really pull off a modern chic and sophisticated feel.

Guest capacity: 200 seated
Address: 238 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 8599 8975

2. Breakfast Point Community Hall

A chapel look without it being a chapel and plenty of parking for your guests – Breakfast Point Community Hall is a blank canvas fit for small to medium sized weddings. We love it because there is ample parking for your guests plus there is reverse air-conditioning which is what you need for those cold winter or hot summer days. For budget-conscious couples, Breakfast Point Community Hall venue hire comes with 70+ black plastic fold chairs and 5+ trestle tables.

Guest capacity: 100 seated
Hire fee: $1,000 bond + $1,500 full day hire
Address: 50 Village Dr, Breakfast Point NSW 2137
More information: click here
Phone: (02) 8765 6900

3. Top Deck, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

A retractable roof makes this sheltered space with multi-million dollar views of the Sydney harbour perfect for couples who like to have fun. The Top Deck has its very own private bar – enough said!

Guest capacity: 90 seated or 150 standing
Address: 1 Military Rd, Watsons Bay NSW 2030
More information: click here
Phone: (02) 9337 5444

4. Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Gorgeous soft light streaming through the ceiling and walls of this glasshouse – it’s an obvious choice for wedding photographers.

Guest capacity: 120 seated
Address: Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquaries Rd
Phone: (02) 9231 8111

Best wedding photography locations nearby: if it is raining, your choices within the Royal Botanic Gardens are rather limited. But if you are willing to brave some light rain, there is no shortage of suitable backdrops. For example, venture to Opera Bar for a drink and the undercover section underneath the Opera House steps is also popular plan B.

5. MacLaurin Hall, The University of Sydney

The grandeur of high ceilings and heritage sandstone walls – if you want them castle feels (hello Harry Potter fans!), MacLaurin Hall delivers.

Guest capacity: 300 seated
Address: University of Sydney, Camperdown (Map)
Phone: (02) 9351 1537

Best wedding photography locations nearby: in the foyer connecting MacLaurin Hall is a sandstone staircase. There is a stunning stain glass window here that makes for a nice photo op. Otherwise, surrounding the main USYD quadrangle is an undercover passage way that is always an ideal spot for photos with your bridal party.

6. Cabarita Conservatory, Cabarita Park

City of Canada Bay has a new light-filled venue space that is perfect for small wedding celebrations. There’s lot to like about the Conservatory especially photo opportunities within 5-10 minutes drive of the area. Be sure to warn your guests, however, that they must pay for parking within the Cabarita Park.

inside of cabarita conservatory set up for a small and intimate wedding ceremony
the conservatory at cabarita park is ideal for small weddings (up to 50 seated guests)

Guest capacity: 40 seated + 20 standing
Venue hire: $600 bond + $125/hr (4-hour minimum period)
Address: Cabarita Rd, Cabarita NSW 2137 (Map)
More information: click here
Phone: (02) 9911 6555

wedding photo with confetti |

Best wedding photo locations nearby: Cabarita Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Quarantine Reserve

What If It Does Rain On Our Wedding Day And We Don’t Have A Plan B?

Rain is not the enemy here.

wedding guest umbrellas due to rain on the wedding day

Let’s face it, rain is a good thing in the grand scheme of things. But that doesn’t help you feel any less stressed on your wedding day.

You’ve probably landed here because you didn’t expect it rain on your wedding day, but now the weather forecast is telling you that it probably is going to be a wet one.

I will spare you the I-told-you-so spiel.

Every wedding photographer, wedding planner, and wedding stylist has had some experience with wet weather. However, if you find yourself without the help of a wedding planner and/or wedding stylist, here are some things you can do if it rains on your wedding day:

  • Swap the pumps for gum boots – nothing is worse than soggy wet feet covered in yucky mud!
  • Buy umbrellas and brave it – for light showers, you can still have a magical outdoor wedding ceremony with umbrellas.
  • Move your ceremony to your reception venue – this will take some logistics but call your wedding reception venue manager and ask if you can move your wedding ceremony to the venue (you’ll then have to tell all your guests of the later start time etc.).

Most important of all, don’t let the weather get to you. Yes, you’re allowed to be upset and frustrated but only for a little bit. The pouring rain didn’t stop Eva from enjoying her wedding day in Watsons Bay. You can make the same choice.

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