The Best Wedding Photographers In Sydney NSW

Wedding photographers are really awesome people.

Wedding photographers help keep time on your special day so that things don’t run too late. They solve problems on your big day that nobody else can. Wedding photographers work tirelessly for hours non-stop. The best ones know how to avoid awkward poses and give you authentic candid moments. And above all else, wedding photographers give you something to remember your wedding day by.

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Here are the best wedding photographers in Sydney.

Sydney’s Best Female Wedding Photographers

The Best Male Wedding Photographers In Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding photography can cost as little as $500 and can go up to a few thousand dollars.

On average, a wedding photographer with substantial experience will typically charge $3,800 for 8-hours of photography coverage.

You may find that multi-photographer business models can offer better prices and this often achieved by scales of economy (i.e., 1-7 photographers pool their resources together into one brand thus allowing them to book more events per weekend than if they were individually).

Some wedding photographers will include prints or an engagement session with their pricing. Others may have packages with differing inclusions for you to choose from.

You can always ask for a personalised quote based on your own unique requirements.

Be aware of photographers who seem a bit too cheap. They tend to be cheaper for a reason and this may lead to disappointment and regret.

Every wedding photographer on this list has years of experience.

Judging photography is always going subjective. This is why I’ve made an effort to include a diverse range of wedding photographers fit for any cultural background.

Photography competency should always be a high priority. The best way to gauge this is by reviewing a photographer’s portfolio. You should look for how a photographer performs in different lighting conditions, environments, and contexts that are relevant to your wedding plans.

Most wedding days are hectic, especially big cultural ones. Important moments take place in dimly lit corners of a room and these environments are significantly different to softly sunlit images at dusk. Therefore, you should always ask to see a similar portfolio to gauge a photographer’s competence. This is because wedding photographers will tend to market ‘attractive images’.

For example, if your wedding ceremony will be in a Coptic Orthodox church, ask to see examples of a similar environment. It doesn’t have to be at the same church or even a Coptic ceremony, but you will want to see examples where the photographer has dealt with crowded spaces in a small indoor area.

And if family photos are important to you, ask to see examples of wedding day family photos that the photographer has delivered.

Secondly, the relationship that you have with your wedding photographer will make a HUGE difference on the final result. Generally speaking, if you get along well with your wedding photographer(s), you will love your wedding photos a lot more.

Your wedding is different to anyone else’s so you should ask a wedding photographer how they can provide you with the best experience possible.

With Instagram it is relatively easy to find an appealing portfolio. Once you have found images that resonate with you, the next step is to see if the wedding photographer is a good fit for you.

In the linked blog post you will find a range of questions that cover the boring but crucial bits (e.g., payment, deliverables, timeline etc), and some questions that dig a little deeper into the photographer’s business practices and values (e.g., how they handle conflict and negative feedback).

This is definitely a question you should ask your wedding photographer.

Generally speaking, you should be happy with anywhere between 4 hours to 16 hours.

From my days of photographing cultural weddings, it was normal for couples from Vietnamese, Egyptian and Lebanese background to require a minimum of 14 hours of photography coverage. Cambodian and Indian weddings would often require photography coverage spanning multiple days.

So the answer to this question really depends on what is important to you.

PS – wedding photography coverage hours are counted from the time they start to the time they leave. This includes any time spent on the road traveling in between places.

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