Weddings At Breakfast Point Community Hall

Breakfast Point Community Hall is a long time favourite of mine as an indoor/outdoor wedding ceremony option.

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One of its unique traits is that the building looks like a chapel without being a chapel.

About Breakfast Point Community Hall

On most days, the Breakfast Point Community Hall is an event space used by local residents. Yoga classes and childrenโ€™s activities are scheduled on most weekdays.

However, the event space is available for hire to non-residents.

Bookings are managed by Breakfast Point Community Association.

With timber flooring, high ceiling, a separate foyer, second mezzanine space that overlooks the entire ground level, and a grassed outdoor area, Breakfast Point Community Hall is perfect for small to mid-size wedding ceremonies.

The second mezzanine space is a fantastic spot for a string ensemble or to host a wedding tea ceremony.

The hall itself measures 10m wide and 12m in length. The stage is 8.5m x 3.8m and it is accessible by a 1.1m ramp.

Essential Information

๐Ÿต How much does it cost to hire this venue?

The hall may be hired between 8am โ€“ 9.30pm Friday to Saturday and full-day hire of Breakfast Point Community Hall starts from $1,500.

This includes 6 trestle tables, 80 black plastic folding chairs and a PA system with microphone.

Weddings that fall on public holidays attract a 10% surcharge.

A bond of $1,000 is payable to Breakfast Point Community Association.

๐Ÿ™ˆ How many guests may we have?

The hall has a maximum capacity of 100 guests.

FYI, seated capacity does not factor in social distancing rules.

๐Ÿ™Š Is there onsite parking available for wedding guests?

There is plenty of street parking along Village Drive.

However, heavy vehicles such as buses are not permitted in Breakfast Point. If you intend to transport guests to your wedding, the bus must park at Emily Street with guests disembarking from there.

Similarly, street vendors and food trucks are not permitted within Breakfast Point.

๐Ÿ™‰ Are there any noise restrictions we should be aware of?

Live music and other amplified sources are prohibited within the Breakfast Point precent.

This includes the use of a DJ, drums and amplified musical instruments. The supplied sound system within the Community Hall is the only sound system to be used.

Under no circumstances are the external speakers at the Community Hall to be used, or any form of music played outside the Community Hall.

Breakfast Point Community Hall Review

For a no-fuss wedding ceremony venue, Breakfast Point Community Hall ticks all the boxes.

It has:

  • Plenty of free parking for your wedding guests
  • Reverse air-conditioning and heating.
  • Disabled access.

The high ceilings add a sense of grandeur and although the venue lacks refrigeration and does not permit food preparation, workarounds for these are available.

The manicured hedges on the exterior sides of the hall make for suitable backdrops for family and group photos.

Additional Information

Alcohol may be consumed and not sold.

No alcohol is to be consumed outside the boundaries of the venue and harm minimisation and intoxication will be monitored.

Bulk beer is not permitted in Breakfast Point.

Subject to approval, small marquees are permitted on the grassed area directly at the back of the hall.

Marquees must be weighted down (no pegging).

Since there is no refrigerator, mobile cool rooms are permitted provided that they are parked in the designated space.

Delivery and collection of the mobile cool room(s) must be done so during the booking time frame.

The Hirer is responsible for disposing of all garbage. Food waste and garbage must not be left at the Community Hall.

Keys to the Community Hall can be collected from Breakfast Point Country Club Reception (72 Village Dr, Breakfast Point) on the day of event hire.

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